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Building a Custom Home: The Budget Breakdown

建造一个定制的家 - 我从哪里开始?

So you've decided you're ready to build a home. It's an exciting step! You're on your way to设计和建造定制家庭that's entirely your own - right down to the smallest detail. But how do you get started?

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Like any major project, it's best to determine your budget first. Taking the time to sit down and figure out what you're looking for and how much you plan to spend on it is the key to kicking off a home building project that meets your goals. If you're gearing up to build a home, this blog is designed to help you break down all of the key financial elements that factor into that process.


The first step in building a solid budget for your new home is deciding what kind of home you want.

Determine the basics for your new home build, like:

  • 你想要多少间卧室和浴室

  • 必威西蒙体育关于你想要房子的平方英尺

  • Where you'd like to build

  • 哪些功能/功能对您和您的家人很重要



Start the Construction Loan Process

Once you have a basic idea of what you'd like to build and a rough estimate of what it will cost to design and build, it's a good idea to start the construction loan process. At this point, you'll just want to get pre-approved. This will help you confirm that you have the money to build the type of house you want.

If your construction loan pre-approval comes back lower than you expected, it might be a sign to consider a production home in a development or a different type of custom home — like a three-bedroom rather than a five-bedroom home. In general, you don't want to spend much more than you're pre-approved for unless you plan to pay for any additional costs in cash out of your own pocket.


Breaking Down Your Home Building Budget: Consider All of the Costs

Now that you have a rough idea of what it's going to cost (most builders/contractors will provide a range for cost per square foot), It's time to take that number and begin to build out your budget breakdown in earnest. Here are the key costs to consider when planning for a home building project.


The lot you purchase is going to be one of the larger costs of your new home build. Take a close look at lots in your ideal area that fit the size of the home you're planning to build.

  • 这些批次平均需要多少钱?

  • What shape are they in?

  • 他们是否被挖掘并准备开发?

  • 他们需要什么样的基础设施?是否有水,下水道,电力,电缆等?

  • 很多需要撕裂的很多结构吗?





  • 如果您购买的很多没有连接到城市服务,如天然气,水和下水道,您将必须脚踏实地。

  • If your lot hasn't been excavated or leveled, that's another cost to consider.

  • If you plan to tear down the existing structures and start from scratch, that's an additional cost you'll need to factor into your home building budget.



Cost of Home Designs or Floor Plans

设计成本是重要的。无论你和谁一起工作 -设计建立公司,专门的架构师或提供少数落地平行的建筑师 - 与家庭的设计和创建施工图纸有成本。此费用取决于您与您所在的谁以及您正在寻找的内容,例如,更具体的或定制平面图,设计费的更昂贵。此外,大多数设计师和建筑师在每小时工作,因此在设计过程中改变主意将增加设计成本。

Remember that when it comes to design, you get what you pay for.如果您想要一个真正的无缝设计,这是为了适应您的地段,您的需求和需求以及您的独特设计品味,值得为设计 - 建立公司或建筑师支付额外的额外费用,可以提供顶级定制计划和准备建立的施工图纸。


Cost of the Home Build

We've finally come to the cost of the build. This part of the budget is associated with any task starting from the foundation all the way to installing windows and putting the roof on. Any work that goes into creating the structure that is your new home is part of the cost of the build, up until you get into finishing the interior. This is a hefty chunk of your home build's cost, so make sure you're allowing plenty of room in the budget for this portion of the project.

如果可持续性和绿色功能是重要的to you, it's important to note these often require higher up front investments. The good news is that these features will pay off in the long run with lower operating costs and a healthier and more comfortable home for you.



It's important to set a budget for and make decisions on your selections sooner, rather than later. Many finishes and selections can take weeks or even months to ship, so builders prefer that you've made choices on selections before they've even started building. Any time you change your mind on a finish, your builder will have to make a "change order" which will not only hold up the building process but will also add to the overall cost of your project.

To set a solid budget for your home build project, it's important to consider what kinds of finishes you'd like and make your decisions early. The sooner you decide, the less you'll spend and the faster your home build project will go.

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It's also important to remember that the furnishings, i.e., furniture, window treatments, rugs, etc., are不是included in the cost of the home build.

Cost of Landscaping

大多数建筑商和承包商在合同中提供了最小的景观。通常,可以包括草种子或SOD,但对于任何类型的基础种植或专业的景观 - 您必须与美化公司一起使用,以便为您的设计设计。这是您定制家庭财务规划中的额外费用。




If you have questions about what to expect from the building process from this point forward, we recommend this blog on定制家庭建筑过程的6个步骤.

确定新家庭建设的预算可以感到压倒性和压力,特别是在安娜堡等强大的市场中。如果您对预期的疑问,或如何规划该地区现实的预必威西蒙体育算,365必威 .

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